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Koury Engineering is a renowned construction company in Southern California. We understand that while building K-12 Schools, Colleges, Charter Schools and Private educational Institutions they all come with a unique set of demands. Koury has specialized in DSA and other agency or contractors requirements and processes for more than 25 years. Our DSA closeout process is the best in the industry. Funded by billions of dollars in bond money, these projects often have multiple layers of oversight. Koury becomes part of your team helping you build and deliver a transparent quality education project.

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Koury Engineering is a leading contracting construction company in Southern California and by our years of experience, we understand that there is more to a High-Rise than one repeating floor. We are and continue to be on the largest high-rise projects throughout LA, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire giving us the experience your project needs. Our Lab is experienced at unique requirements these mega structures often have.

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In our company, we know that California’s population continues to grow year after year. This continual growth has created unique opportunities for luxury home and apartment building developers in the home building inspection services of the housing market. The demand for housing at all economic levels has created many unique projects Koury is proud to be a part of.

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Koury Engineering is a leading construction company and we understand that healthcare has been one of the foremost topics of our generation. Our system has lead to some of the most innovative healthcare facilities in the world. Koury has the staff and expertise to make these complex OSHPD projects a successful build. We know how to work with the team and various roles involved in these unique facilities. From a comprehensive TI to a ground-up new hospital, Koury can provide your team with the quality assurance you need.

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As a top commercial and retail space building company, we know that California is home to some of the greatest shopping centers in the world. These developments can have mixed construction teams and many different contractors and owners. Koury continues to be a leader on these projects ensuring compliance and an expedited closeout process. From your initial soils investigation to your final build, Koury with keeps your project moving.

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California suffers from some of the worst traffic in the world. Our transportation system of largest roads, rail and air is constantly evolving to accommodate the growing population. Koury Engineering provides geotechnical and quality control services in many different capacities on these specialty projects. We are Caltrans certified company and understand the demands of highway and rail construction. We are experienced in high security and special access projects such as LAWA, Port of Long Beach, Port of LA and many local airports.

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Our infrastructure in California is ever-changing. Our water & power facilities grow and change to meet the modern demands of our society every day. Koury provides Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing, QA/QC, Geotechnical Engineering, and many other investigative services to Solar, Gas, Oil, Bulk Electric and Water facilities to various companies throughout California.

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Distribution, Company Office, Warehouse, Storage and many other facilities choose to Tilt-Up construction because of its speed and cost. Koury knows what’s important to the contractors or builders on these fast builds and will provide you the level of service to meet your needs.

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Californians love their cars. In a densely populated area finding a parking garage can be a challenge. Parking structure architecture can be a challenge at times when space is limited. Koury Engineering Company has provided quality and investigative services on some of the largest parking structures throughout California.


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