5 Fundamental Components to Running A Wildly Successful Business

Michele Shams

5 Fundamental Components to Running A Wildly Successful Business

I want to break the ice here by stating that as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners, we all crave that same fruitful goal – to run a widely successful business. Regardless of the industry you happen to be in, we all want to thrive and be respected leaders in our given field to make lasting personal and societal impacts. It’s in our natural-born nature.

Now, the really neat thing about this is that even though there may be specific elements fine-tuned to certain business niches, we are all branched from the same rooted foundation. However, how we approach and build that said foundation will determine if we will excel, remain stagnant, or ultimately fail over time. Because there’s a whole lot riding on this for folks like us, below are 5 of those fundamental components that will enable you to not only establish or re-establish a solid base for your business, but effectively thrive from it.

1.   Effective Time Management 

You could have the best business concept in the world, but it will not reach its fullest potential if you are not managing your or your team’s time properly. Time management and using both tools and techniques to improve productivity is the underlying key to streamlining your business and enhancing your bottom-line growth. That entails knowing what things to prioritize above others, making achievable daily/weekly goals, and not becoming bogged down with multi-tasking to where your team’s performance suffers. This component might take some time to get used to, but it is one to integrate into your business and leadership role if you want to become or remain successful.  

2.   Creating Healthy and Productive Company Culture 

Do you want to attract quality talent that aligns with your business’s vision and mission? What about gaining more loyal customers (who can become brand advocates) because they believe in what you stand for and offer? If so, turn your attention to fortifying a healthy, positive, and productive company culture. Your company’s culture is the notion that your employees and customers embody your brand’s characteristics, values, and attributes and help bolster the brand image and reputation because everyone is on the same page. To get started on this one, evaluate your current culture to see what can be improved or changed, be consistent with your revised action plan, and lead by example to inspire your current employees to get on board and attract future candidates who already are.

3.   Mindful Financial Planning

This list wouldn’t be fully complete without adding in a blip about financials. Your team may be the heartbeat of your business, but your financial planning is the bloodline that should take a front seat if it’s not already. For this one, get granular with your cash flow and monitor each expense and revenue stream(s) to be confident you are not accidentally overlooking something critical. If you neglect this area, there is a good chance you could be spending more than you should be, causing you to wonder where all your money went at the end of the month. Avoid that risk by tracking and budgeting accordingly or hiring either an accounting or finance professional who can.  

4.   Mastering the Art of Adaptability

Whether you started your business in 1990 or 2021, you need to be open to the art of adaptability. The reality is that the world is ever-evolving and changing. That means your target market is ever-evolving and changing as well. So, if you are not open to change and adapting to new demands, wants, and needs, your business will quickly become outdated and outshined by another one that does. That is not to say you must throw your business plan or marketing approaches out completely, but simply revisiting it and tweaking it to meet the current trends and desires can make all the difference in how your future will play out.  

5.   Leveraging the Power of Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology. Use it, leverage it, and take full advantage of it whenever you can. The thing about technology is that these cutting-edge tools and gadgets not only make you look “up to date,” but they can effectively help you scale your business without you having to put in extra time or work. From automation, endless resource connections to international outreaches, you can save endless time and manpower going this avenue. Sure, the investment may be high up front, but if it helps you grow your bottom-line, call this a “spend money to make money” investing necessity.  

Summary – Ready to Unlock New Levels of Success?

In summary, if you want to unlock new levels of business success, you have to create the ideal roadmaps to make it happen. As the CEO of your life and business, you are the pioneer of this effort, and ensuring that the backend of your business is optimized using the components above is how you are going to spearhead the front end. So, for new business owners, start your growth off on the right foot. If your business happens to be seasoned, keep in mind that there is never a wrong time to upgrade your foundation to both improve and advance.  

Overall, no one ever said being an entrepreneur or a business owner was going to be easy. In fact, it’s likely one of the hardest journeys to embark on, no matter what industry you are passionately involved with. But if there is one thing for certain, every single foundational effort you do, successful business component you adopt, and challenge you overcome is entirely worth it once you begin to see your hard work paying off.