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Geotechnical soil

Shear Test

Our Services Include The understanding of geologic and geotechnical site conditions is vital to preventing unforeseen complications which can result in costly construction delays and/or catastrophic damages. We provide geotechnical engineering services from design to grading and compaction, throughout construction. Our dedicated team is second to none.

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• Geotechnical and Geologic Field Explorations
• Static Settlement Analysis
• Shrinkage and Subsidence Analysis
• Foundation Design & Recommendations
• Deep Foundation System Analysis
• Lateral Earth Pressure Analysis
• Ground Motion Response Spectra
• Ground Water Analysis (Historical Highest Level)
• Seismic Risk Analysis
• Deterministic and Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
• Liquefaction and Seismic Settlement Analysis
• Fault Hazard Evaluation
• Landslide Mitigation, Geologic Hazard Evaluation
• Slope Stability Investigations and Analysis
• Seismic Deformation Analysis of Slopes
• Ground Improvement design
• Instrumentation and Monitoring
• Comprehensive Geotechnical Engineering (Soils) Reports
Labratory Testing
• In Situ Moisture and Density of Soils
• Particle Size Analysis (Grieve and Hydrometer)
• Atterberg Limits
• Expansion Index
• Sand Equivalent
• Corrosivity Testing of Soils
• Direct Shear
• Unconfined Compression Test
• Consolidation and Hydroconsolidation
• Compaction (Maximum Density/Optimum Moisture Content)
• R - Value
• Specific Gravity and Soundness of Aggregates
• Marshall, Hveem, Theoretical Asphalt Concrete Stability
• Asphalt Extraction
On Site Testing
• Mass Grading Hillside Grading Monitoring
• Field Density Testing During Compaction Operations
• Retaining Wall Backfill Testing and Observation
• Driven Piles Monitoring
• Caissons and Bored Piles Construction Monitoring
• Stability Evaluation of Excavations and Compaction Testing of Imported Fill
• Foundation Excavation Observations
• Shoring Installation Monitoring
• Soil Nailing and Anchoring Observation and Performance Testing
• Tie-Back Inspection and Testing
• Pavement Subgrade and Aggregate Base Testing
• Asphalt Laydown